Gesuchte Person: Jakob, Weing

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Eingangsdatum: 30.07.2014

Jakob Weing, born in 1903, son of a widow and brother of Elias Weing, born in 1899. His mother married Peter May as her second husband and they lived in Sersekszöllös/Hungary. Peter May had from his first wife the children Elisabeth, born in 1906, Margret, born in 1909, and Peter, born in 1910. In the age of 17 Jakob emmigrated from Sersekszöllös/Hungary to Canada. His brother Elias lived in Leipzig/Germany after World War 2. The family of Peter May lived in Sersekszöllös until 1949. His halfsister Elisabeth Bauer, born as May is my grandmother. Her daughter Katharina Knittel, born as Bauer is my mother. We are looking for childs of uncle Jakob Weing, or of grandchilds. My mother is in the age of 79 and would be very happy to meet a cousin. Because of leaving Hungary after the war, we have only a few personal documents and no pictures of the family.

Suchende Person: Knittel, Katharina geb. Bauer

geb. am 12. 05. 1935 in Sersekszöllös Ungarn