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I’m looking for my brother who is Andriecs Aleksander and it is in Germany. He comes from Riga, Latvia, and has Latvian nationality. Aleksander was born on 12.11.1981.
My brother lives in Germany for about 2 years. The last time I got email from him on 13 September 2012. He wrote that he had any problems and has asked again for the phone numbers of our mother and me. He promised to call the next day. Since there is no information about him.
His contact number no longer works. The answering machine is on. We\’ve left a lot of messages.
In the beginning, my brother went to Berlin to work. Alone. The work – in building his career – builders, welders. Because he has changed his work often, to me, no companies are known. He it might even in the Berlin or Hamburg.

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions.
The Latvian police have been notified about my brother. This helps not at all.
The Latvian consulate has received the information.
I have also written to our mayor of Riga (Nil Ushakov).
A friend of mine has aufgesuchtt the German police. In the beginning, they would not take no statement, but then they have accepted anyway and said that they will come forward. That was six weeks ago.
The police in Hamburg said that they have no information about him.
Latvian Voluntary Service, which deals with such matters, has sent his documents with information on the German Red Cross.
In the homeless shelters of Berlin, there are probably not him.
It was said that he is not in a prison in Berlin. A woman called and asked, and it seems that he is not in a prison or a mortuary of Germany.
I also wrote about:
Popular communities, web sites, e.g., germany-online u.s.w. Contacts Groups, LiveJournal, Facebook.
I have information posted here in English and in German. Also on the Internet side I also wrote to various German newspapers, whose e-mail addresses on the Internet. I received contact from 2 dear Users and 2 journalists. Yet heard anything from them.
I also wrote to a German television show called \“Missing\“, and a Latvian, namely – \“criminal informant\“.
I also asked for a Latvian side which is engaged in the search of lost people. We meet this Thursday.
My brother could not go to other countries, because of ethical and financial reasons. So he must be somewhere in Germany.
He has no permanent address and registration, so
there is not him in the phone book.
Additional info:
Languages: His German is very bad, so this makes the situation much worse. Presumably he was talking with the Russians. He is single and has no children. He has no relatives in Germany.
He could not stop for no reason to communicate with us because we have a very good family relations. He is very friendly and sociable.
There are not special in appearance, except for a black tattoo on her shoulder. (I have no photo)
Mama and I stick no relatives in Germany, therefore, no one visiting hospitals, newspapers and other authorities or the display.
I will be very grateful if anyone can help it.
I have to go unfortunately no opportunity to Germany (even without knowing exactly where it is)
If anyone can help, please contact us here.
Courtesy of Rita Korzinova.

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